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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone, email or using the form above.

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If using GPS to get here please copy paste the following text exactly as is into the address bar of your maps app:

"The Lodge Gate", Snowy River Way, Jindabyne NSW 2627

This will direct you to the lodge gate where you will then drive along a short 5 minute private road to reach Mowamba River Lodge. 4WD is NOT necessary. Directions and a short video are below to help you find your way..

Video shows drive from The Lodge Gate onwards..


DEPART from Jindabyne

Take the Barry Way out of Jindabyne (1st exit on the roundabout heading towards Thredbo/Perisher)

Turn left onto the Snowy River Way towards Dalgety

Take the 2nd exit on the roundabout near The Station towards Dalgety

Continue past Pat's Patch and turn left shortly after onto Frost Creek Lane *see pic below*

ARRIVE at "The Lodge Gate" *see pic below*

Open and go through the lodge gate (remember please to close behind you)

Enter onto the private road of Frost Creek Lane

Drive for approx 2.9 kms (you will pass over a cattle grid) ..

Continue straight when you come to the fenced entrance of Mowamba River Lodge (do not turn right)

You are now on lodge property.. continue down the drive another 1km ..

ARRIVE at Mowamba River Lodge

If you get lost or confused call Jess on 0406 118 105 and someone will come and meet you.



Mowamba River Lodge Gate

Frost Creek Lane Turnoff

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